Antique Limoges Austrian Porcelain Creamer and Sugar Tray Set Marked 1893


Antique Limoges Porcelain Sugar Creamer Tray Set Marked 1893 This antique set is unique in its shape and color. The color of the set is light blue with a heavy gold gilt trim. The camera picks the color up as white, but it is a light blue. The shape of the creamer and sugar jar is a four sided square shape, very unique. The creamer and sugar are marked with the decorators initials, the date of 1893 and the Leonard Vienna Austria marking. The matching tray is marked with the same initials and date but carries the JPL Limoges marking. This set is in beautiful condition with no issues found.          

About our shipping costs: There are times when shipping costs may appear high in correlation to the item. Unfortunately shipping costs have risen drastically in the past few years. As well as the rising costs, porcelain MUST be wrapped very carefully, if not it will break. It is not worth cutting back on the packaging and shipping to save a dollar or two and risk destroying the BEAUTIFUL and PRECIOUS history of these vintage and antique pieces that will never be duplicated. Thank you for appreciating our passion.

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