SOLD Bohemian Czech Art Deco Alexandrite Glass Compote Nude Woman

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Bohemian Czech Art Deco Alexandrite Glass Compote Nude Woman holding compote dish in purple/blue/green for the Ingrid line. Bohemian Czech Art Deco Nude Lady Figurine Dish
Ingrid collection
Measuring 6" by 6".
Changes color based on the lighting. When looking through the rounded dish at the top of the piece you can see the figure of the woman. This piece is expertly created. The white spots you may see are from the camera flash.
Comes with original box: C.I.O. Collection, Czech Republic
Card included reads: A Brief History: In 1934, Henry Schlevoght, a Czechoslovakian artisan introduced a line of art glass under the name of "Ingrid". Mr Schlevoght employed the finest craftsman of his day, and his line was enormously successful. Tragically in 1939, due to the out break of WWII his success came to an abrupt halt. Mr. Schlevoght fled Czechoslovakia leaving his glass molds behind. Now more than 60 years later, the C.I.O. Collection is dedicated to locating and repairing what are believed to be the original vintage molds, and eventually re-issuing the works of art first created by these talented artisans.
This piece changes color. Most of the time it has a purple hue to it, although it there are times it appears blue-green. It is in excellent vintage condition. There are no chips, cracks or scuffs. Comes with original box and card.

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