Ester Miler TV Limoges Porcelain Collector Heirloom Insignia Plate

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Ester Miler Signed TV Limoges Porcelain Plate with Gold Rim. The Limoges Porcelain plates are beautiful heirloom porcelain collectible pieces. They are perfect to hand down to generations to come. This plate is signed by Ester Miler, making it even more valuable. The flowers are white and may be daisies or dogwood, I am not sure. The plate has a scrolled gold insignia at the top of the plate. Ester Miler had a history of painting the insignia on plates if requested to do so by the customer that commissioned her work. It is also noted that Ester often painted for the occupants and First Ladies of the White House. During the time Ester Miler painted for the White House, Woodrow Wilson was the president of the United States. His first wife, Ellen passed away and he later married Edith Boiling. Her initials would have been EBW. When the plate is turned to the side, a W and a B within the gold scrolling of the insignia can be identified. Could this be the initials of Edith Boiling Wilson? Possibly. The dates and history support this theory. Although we will leave that interpretation up to the customer.

The back of this plate measures 10" in diameter. the plate is beautiful with a gold scrolled rim. The thick gold on the insignia shows age scratches. There is a very very small flake on the back of the plate. I did not notice it before feeling it. Other than this, the plate is gorgeous.

Please notice we have two other insignia plates listed separately. If you would like to make an offer for all, please send us the offer.

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