SOLD Louis Vuitton Beige Bandouliere Adjustable Handbag Shoulder Strap

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We offer an authentic adjustable Louis Vuitton Shoulder Strap of VVN leather.
This is a 2 part adjustable strap with bright shiny metal clasps and buckle.
This strap is one inch wide and measures from the very tip of the clasp one to another at minimum length of 34.5 to a maximum length of 39.5". It can be used with duffel bags and larger handbags.
Condition: Good condition with a building patina showing darker spots as it evolves. Some light scratches may be found on metal parts.
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

VVN is an acronym used by Louis Vuitton to describe the type of leather they use on items such as the leather strap, Speedy, Neverfull and many of their designer specialty bags. Vache végétal naturel (VVN), indicating the leather is a natural un-dyed color, which will darken (patina) over time.

Louis Vuitton is a registered trademark of Louis Vuitton. Vintage Paris Designs has no affiliation with Louis Vuitton or any other designer.

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