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SOLD Meiji Nippon Satsuma Large Umbrella Vase


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Spectacular Meiji Period Nippon Satsuma Floor Vase Hand Painted Decorated in Enamel Gold Moriage Finely Detailed Sunflowers, Echinacea and Women Folding Scarves Hallmarks & Provenance: Circa Early 1900. This is an extremely fine piece of Japanese artistry, from mold to glaze. Deep flat red ground with continuous design of two women folding scarves with leaves and buds outlined in low relief gild moriage and filled with enamel or slip trail moriage.The colors are spectacular, and the artistry is clearly done by a master; high quality. Please take plenty of time in all the details of this by viewing the photo gallery to examine the mold, design, artistic details and condition issues important to you. In excellent, original condition. Just spectacular, the inside has never been used. The moriage, painting, enamel, slip trail, gold gild is all intact and beautiful. She has aged just beautifully. Weight: 7.4 POUNDS unpacked. This is a first class, quality piece of Japanese art pottery. Could be used for an umbrella stand. Height: 18” • Rim opening: 6” • Base: 7” round raised rim • Circumference: 19”. The shipping for this piece is going to be very high as it is large and heavy.