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Orange Agate Chalcedony Stone Statement Necklace

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We offer a stunning statement piece of jewelry in a dark orange Agate necklace. This piece is substantial and heavy. Beautiful in appearance! The highly decorated necklace consists of all shapes and sizes of orange red agate stones and old silver of an Asian style accents. The piece measures 18" in length. The beautiful focal point is the large round agate disc stone with the precious stone markings on the centerpiece. There are some slight marks on the stone, but more found to the touch rather than visually. The round stone has a shiny smooth finish and contains a variety of orange tones. Taken from a stone expert, Deomar Pandan, the Agate Properties are: Agate is the banded variety of chalcedony, which is the name for opaque or translucent quartz. The agate group of minerals includes onyx (black and white) and sardonyx (red and white).

Agate Meaning Agate is a very popular stone of protection, especially from the 15th to 19th century, not least because the gemstone is believed to defend its wearer against the Evil Eye, a malevolent being thought to bring various misfortunes. Beside the stone's power against the Evil Eye, agate is also attributed with a metaphysical property that enhances prudence, making its wearer temperate, restrained and cautious. This latter quality likewise protects a person from misfortune, as it minimizes the risk of accidents and mishaps.
In addition, an agate jewelry is said to help its wearer acquire intelligence and sense, as well as make him or her a beautiful speaker, gracious with words and persuasive to others.