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SOLD Swarovski Limited Edition Crystal Annual Star Ornament 2005

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Swarovski Annual Crystal Limited Edition Star Ornament for 2005. Made in Austria, Swarovski started issuing the limited edition ornaments in the crystal stars in 1991. This 2005 ornament is in new condition and comes inside the box with the certificate booklet. The glass crystal reflects the lights of the room as they hit the intricate facets of the crystal. The star can by hung from a tree limb or from a holder. Anywhere it is hung, the star is precious as it sparkles. The ornament hangs from a blue satin ribbon and includes a metal year date of 2005. The Swarovski swan can be seen in the metal bail of the ornament.
Comes with box and two inserts showing authenticity.

An ideal gift for a loved one or a beautiful addition to your own collection.